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The Body that Curves

Author Creator: Kellli Kellly 

The Body That Curves. Read slow and try to read it in my voice, to capture what my voice sounds like, go to my YouTube video (2 min ) called Best Pedi Ever ( my voice ⬅️click here to listen and watch 😊 ) , and it is a voice over explaining about the best experience and pretty sexy too. It has a voice you can use to replay me writing this to you, slow and relaxed. Further down below I explain a whole relax routine to continue connecting with my writing. Enjoy 🖤 Feel on to me, now… We are all connected, My mind, then your mind. Explore, every corner and inch sweep through getting to know inside and out, like these words fall off the page, melting in your heart and racing in your brain. More, more. The pages fell like petals in the wind, like droplets in the rain. There is so much depth, body parts; outside, depth and meaningful wisdom and love inside. Pouring into me, pouring into you now. Swallow. Kindness, curves, smiles on your faces, those curves, we connect like the bones in the spine. The depth travels through the spinal cord, 2 and 2. Both then together, both just as important as the other. Melting. Blastoff.

curvy body belly button

Ride my mind Straddle my neck Thrust ideas back and fourth, Then finally Secrete on my thoughts…. Cum have a moment. Have you connected with in me. Do you feel me as I write to you? Take this time to read slow and steady, it will induce relaxation to continue the connection through my writing. I have an energy connected as your reading accept my gift and connect on my frequency line. With your mind let go. Inhale deep through the nose and exhale slowly through pursed lips. Feel your legs become heavy as they sink into the seat you are reading me on.. take your time. Feel your feet and legs becomeh a little numb, and sink deep. Feel your hips become relaxed and tension that once was, is erased….

angel kiss, curvy body

Your mid section of your Body has a sense of security, safety and satisfaction you have a purple core energy that has pulsating detoxing and relax induced aroma. Ah, smells so pleasant.. Your in full control as you move up to your upper body chest and lungs…. breath wide and deep, exhale and let it go. Let it all go, take your time and, feel grounded. Your upper back has let go of the strain and begins to melt. It has a deep effect and lasts long after reading. Back pain is deleted and now you lay completely in bliss. You start to notice your neck is loose and very light . It’s air light as a feather and your entire head falls deep into a relaxed trance of peaceful relaxed nature. Connecting to a new source of relaxed and pleasurable experience this with me.

You take your time reading the rest, and breathing deeply. I’m a delicate but rushing river in a land not far from the ocean in an estuary. Peace.. Beautiful scenic in a still quiet area, aways not far in the distance is the crashing waves against the rocks steadily holding their ground. The seagulls and wildlife make their natural sounds. The Fresh water meets with the salt water creating a brackish. Two bodies of water combined to make one. Visible to the trained eye and yet unique enough that the elements are in contact and creating into oneself. The forces connect. Wetness.

under boob

My limbs strengthen as I push. My curves, robust and sexy. My mind, focused and uplifted. Body control and waves pulse. Connectivity is achieved between energy of my body parts and energy of my mind frequency. And then yours too. Conjoined at the streaming energy connectors. A new ecosystem is created within many ecosystems, this one is paradise. Palm tress of all different ways as you look up into the colorful sky you feel at home and natural. Your not far from the body of the Island, the woman with the curves. The land of the unknown in this deep relaxed ravine and full complete relaxation is on full mode. Natural and smooth. Caves up in the distance and the unknown is electrifying and yet still you have wisdom deep from within making you feel safe and sound. In complete control to let a new young energy come and embrace you and show you a new light. Rushing through my veins and now rushing through your veins. Exploring the mysterious caves…. Jewels of sapphire diamonds and Ruby’s can be found all though out. Mystical beautiful in your hands grasping the level of Admiration for all the beauty and the experience…. Sands no man or woman has touched. Ready to be filled in with you and I. How the energy flowing goes together like clock work. I am more than just the image you can see. The energy flowing connection and everything you want me to be How does It feel How does if really feel ( think about it)


Details. Go slow. My body parts are a relation to how things together. How does everything make a correlation? The flowing energy through and through, you and me. Me and you, I and we, us and then, now and when. Past present future it all connects. The body that curves....  .... That curves, the ripples on my lips. Colors, nature how it flows and how it goes, the colors carefully handpicked perfectly where it is supposed to be. All perfectly the way its meant. Accept. The energy between you and anything and everything else. Seemingly perfect, goosebumps, golden, cold to the touch in an air conditioned room but in the sunlight kissed by the golden rays feels warm and earthly. Nature connecting us Barefoot Beautiful Don’t stop and never look back Only look up to the great stars. Stay connected to what moves you Be yourself Utterly happy and free Free soul What that feels like. Now.

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