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  • Kellli Kellly

Lose yourself in my Depths

I love you.

Oh, The idea.

My Dream is to have a love so deep, its pure and feels so good.

Dream Land now....

Enjoy as I spell out my mind, and Read a Clip of my Dreams.

I love you.

The impulse to nurture you and take care of you is instinctive in me, I cannot control it.

You're everything I've ever wanted and didn't even know I wanted until the first time our energies were in each other's presence.

You feel the same and here we are making out with each others hearts.

Our souls dance together.

I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you.

You're like a God to me, to whom I want to surrender to.

Yet, it is so pure.

We flow together like bright neon frequencies exchanging information back and fourth, faster than the speed of light.

Connection is unreal and our minds connect then

no words ever need to be spoken.

You make me loose sight of my full self

and submit myself and my body to you,

my Lovely.

And when you tell me to take control,

I fill up with energies that are full, and safe.

I can conquer making you feel your the only one in the world and the most special and deserving.

Because you are!

I treat you with royalty as you have been since the day you were born and since I met you.

Day after day.

Oh, its so mutual and thats why we soar.

This isn’t about my feet, because I am more than my feet.

This is Deep.

Perfection in all aspects.

My soft skin and your rough edges.

My vibrational sound and your beautiful harmony,

also like sweet dates and coconut water.

when we combine,

we become the reason it works.

You make sure to love on all of me,

starting from my lollypop toes to the tops of my dreads!

Your love feels better and I never want it to leave.

We tell each other...

Thank you

for treating me like precious glass.

I am breakable

and to ensure...

we don't ever break or crack,

we care

Honestly and truthfully. Oh so transparent.

We don't break because we have cared and nurtured each other,

intertwined together, and it feels right.

Growing together and Growing strong intertwined together creating a Large Fruit Tree

bearing holy fruits.

Our Love aids others

Ripe and Sweet Fruit

Filled with LOVE and wisdom, harmony and fullness.

Other people can feel our connection and desire the same.

I love feeling what I do to you. Your body tells me everything.

Blood in your veins circulating faster as I get closer to your beautiful skin

and my soul seeps into yours

causing your heart to regulate with mine,

a melody so beautiful synchronizing together perfectly.

Your body talks to mine,

and I never hear words.

Finally with you.

Is this real?

No I’m dreaming of the best

I like living this dream

Experiencing something so alive

Dreaming of what I truly want.

Gravitate towards me

If your dreaming dreams with mine.

If you are thinking of the same.


Welcome to my dream.

Written by,

Kellli Kellly | copyright © | 2019

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