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  • Kellli Kellly

Little man crush

Late Friday night I was in my bedroom after a really long day of work as I started to get undressed, tossed my bag on the bed, reached over to turn on my music and I heard a little faint yelp. "Strange?!"

I thought to myself as I took off my skirt and it dropped to the ground. I heard something again ... heard very quiet high pitch frequency... like a tiny scream... heheh wow must be my computer speakers or something... I thought.

I begin wiggling off my tan nylons, bending over to peal them off my freshly shaved smooth skin as my ass bares the cold stale air in my room.

"ahhhhhhhh" little man shouted but no one could hear him.

GoddessKK leans over and opened the window and a gust of wind blew her curtain up and suddenly her room was chilled and feeling good wearing only her T-shirt nothing on the bottom but her socks from her work shoes. KK turned up the volume as the music blared loud and kk starts twirling and dancing around.

I ran down to the kitchen and grabbed a red apple and I took one nice bite and that apple was so juicy and flavorful.. I grabbed some crackers and a drink and headed back into my room for some relaxing time. I had a long day as I thought to myself crushing my teeth into this apple so ripe quenching my taste buds. "Mmmmm" I moaned softly " I LOVE APPLES!"

I laid the half eaten juicy apple on my dresser where my stereo is bumping and the bass is jumping... and begin to take my shirt off.

“Yes!” Little man yelled "I finally made it"!!!

"I am inside my goddess lair after many days of cold and wintery blizzard! Nothing will matter unless I get goddess to notice me or she might end up... crushing me.. uhhhh think little brain think!

So little man continued to think with his little brain as GoddessKK laid down next to her dresser on her big comfy bed. She's nude, with only her socks on, reaching for her half eaten apple and takes a bite as another gust of wind fills the room.

Little man yelped "Oh the cold wintery blizzard attacks me again" shudders cold thinking "I need to find warmth theres no time left to spare" little man thinking hard outloud with his little brain.

Near the bed where goddess is laying, he has an idea. 💡

"I will climb this large post and I will reach the top, and then if I jump 90 degrees to the left I can land on Goddess Foot and possibly be tucked away for warmth in her sock if I can wiggle myself in. Little man begins his journey to his find warmth for himself and for his goddess.

I leaned over to finish my apple and I heard something strange it was like little panting.. Like a dog.... I could barely hear it... I was wondering if my strero was making that sound but it wouldn't be possibl 🤷🏼‍♀️.. I happen to see my vibrator on the floor and I grabbed that and made sure it was charged, and ohhh yes, it was charged! Practically a full battery!! Excited, I placed the nice vibrating cock to my Clit, My eyes closed and I began to enjoy. My thoughts were on a steamy event that I experienced hours earlier at work.. mmm

"oh im almost to the top of the wooden bed post.." scared of heights the little man hesitated, took one look at goddess whom he had spent many long cold wintery blizzard nights to get where he is now... He found the courage to keep going. Taking a second look he couldn't believe his eyes, goddess!!! She is playing with her self??

Little man was more determined than ever to reach goddess before she completes her orgasm.

"I made it to the top and here I go, If I fail this jump, and I don't land exactly 90 degrees to the left I will possibly die but thats the risk I will take for goddess.

Little man made sure his jump would be accurate and let go and Took a Giant leap of faith and he began to make the fall.

Landed firmly on his Butt, Little man was safe riding his Goddess ankle sitting on slightly moist socks with aroma he never inhaled before in his life. AHH gasping for oxygen little man breaths in and breaths out and begins to get a very nice light head feeling from the aroma of his Goddess foot inside her sock. Finally he's able to breath normally as his lungs adjust to the atmosphere where Goddess Feet lay.

"Wow" Little man said with so much adrenaline "I made it to my goddess finally and I will be able to find warmth finally with in her sock!" Little man has dreamt of this moment for as long as he could remember and this journey he took to his goddess shows his truest character traits as he is persistent and passionate and determined. A noble Little man!

Goddess was busy as the vibration feeling was making her ankles shake, oh nooo, Little man must run for safety to the sock.... He stood up, at a whole inch he began the trek to the opening of Goddess sock.... having to hold on for dear life when goddess would twirl her ankles as the feeling intensifies and her body releasing pheromones leaving her socks more moist than before from her intense almost explosion...

"uhhh yeaaa " goddess moans as she creeps to climax and little man begins sprinting as fast as he can. He sees an opportunity to leap and he does! Lands on the crease of the sock at the opening... but they are more tight that he thought and this is going to require some muscle to lift the sock away from her foot. So he can tuck himself in with out suffocation or Goddess noticing an itch on her foot, Little man doesn't want to get scratched away.

The heat began to rise as climax was achieved. GoddessKK Breathing heavy and completely relaxed now Little man went and with all his might, he lifted the sock away from the skin and tucked himself in. All cozy as snug as a tiny man in a sock. GoddessKK didn't know what she was in store for next... Stay tuned for what happens to Little Man NEXT TIME on his adventure to please the goddess. TO BE CONTINUED ......

Written by Kelli Kelly

copyright | California USA | Feb 2020


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