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  • Kellli Kellly

Girl on Girl Erotica

Dear Diary....

It has been too long… see I just need to write this out of my mind.

It is too steamy and sexy for me to hold in any longer…

Well Diary, Sara Asked me to pick her up after a night of dancing at the club the other night.

I rushed to pick her up and she was looking fine!

Diary… I’m talking sexy AS FUCKKKKK!

She was wearing a romper and looked silky black material that clung to her body so perfectly.

Her feet looking beautiful in wedges.

I peeped the polish and neon yellow was her choice and it was poppin!

Especially with her skin tone.

She was sweaty from dancing all night and her wet skin in the moonlight was the best .

Her hair was sleek black. She was so beautiful I could barley look away, as I pulled to her driveway.

I dropped her off at her home… Sara was asking me to come inside with her,

she hugged me tight and was pulling me closer to her....

She whispered in my ear, I want you.

I was hesitant because I didn’t want to rush anything… so I drove away, as she walked inside.

For the next 2 hours that night she was begging for me to come over.

I couldn’t resist this beautiful woman any longer…

Pulling up to her house I texted her….

“I’m Here” then she replies… “come inside straight to the back!”

So I continue In to her house and I’m shallow breathing and anxious

I continue straight back, and there she is!

My jawwwww drops.

Her Long Black Sleek hair running Wet down her body.

There she is… standing in a white towel.

She’s steaming fresh out of the shower, water dropping off her golden skin..

I realize as the towel drops to the floor. Her boobies are new and large!

“Ohhh fake titties… I’ve never felt them before..” I thought to myself.

She didn’t say much before she jumped on the bed butt ass naked

She started to shove her foot in my mouth and she wailed her head back moaning as I began

sucking on her long bony toes!

I had a perfect clear view of her pretty pussy… mmm I wanted that in my mouth too!

she moaned….

Sometimes giggle and squeal…

but this woman wanted it!

She knew exactly what she wanted.

She started rubbing herself.

I knew when I started slowly licking her soles under her toes… she was immensely turned on!

I saw her fingers dip inside her… and back out.

I watched her lick her fingers and taste herself.


She grabs my foot and begins sucking on my middle toe… so I start to indulge in hers too.. the same exact way she had mine.

We are in sync and it feels so adventurous

Like we opened the Door to Narnia.  

I felt myself tingling,

mmmmm so good I have this urge…. It’s steamy and we are vibing….

Grinding now….

We are licking under the bottoms of our souls

as our pussys grind closely

touching each other

Sucking on each other’s toes…

I begin feeling warm and wet sensations

Mmmm Diary… this is my true fantasy.

… especially with Sara!.

I can feel her pussy drip on to mine….

She licks my pinky toe and “oh Sara!” I screamed as she bites and nibbles on my toe sorta hard.

Ohhhhh, but I like it!

I feel her pussy getting sloppy wettt,

I can feel her plump pussy lips touching mine

Clit to clit


Slimy cum passing back and fourth

All I want right now is for her to lay back so I can really pleasure her the way I know how…

Pretty Sara jumps toward me and she begins to kiss my lips and we stayed there… lips grazing each other intensified max pleasure.

I love the way she tastes 😍

Like sweet mango

Long brown hair scent of coconut 🥥 and lime and so silky.

Her toes and feet smelt sweaty still from her night out… 👣

The scents of her body are intoxicating and musty leaving me crazed.

She starts to slip her lips and body down lower onto my body,

kissing me on the way down….

Our breathing is heavy. ♥️

Lower she begins to suckle and kiss on my neck….  

Mmmm I am moaning gently trying to control myself. This really gets me…. She’s on my neck sucking now…. Sucking me so good.

“No marks!” I exclaimed

“Heheheehe” she giggled

I can’t help but scream as she keeps sucking. Sara is rubbing her soft feet against mine… her soles so silky.

I take her body and lay her down on her back..

“Kellli what are you going to do to me….;)”

I said “lay back and tell me what I do to you…”

I leaned in and my tongue Presses against her clit.

Screaming  “Mooree, more”

and her feet and legs are trembling. 🖤

Flicking with my tongue now and kissing her pussy lips…

I saw the arches of her feet curl in ecstasy

The rest is left between her satin sheets 😍

Here is a couple pictures of me and @Loestoess, she doesn’t have anything to do with my erotica story, just some sexy pics.

Her twitter is @Loestoess

and instagram is @ohheyloe


muah xoxo

Kellli Kellly

copyright | 2019 |


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