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  • Kellli Kellly

Her Abduction Story; Probed, Pleasured & Gifted

Being a hot math genius working as an account for a busy firm in San Francisco is hard work!

Heather is 28, single and a quiet awkward type beautiful nerdy girl. With lack of experience finding a partner/friend or anyone to enjoy her seems to always fail because of her timidness. She doesn't have a lot of free time for herself.

She laid her glasses on her end table and plops onto her comfy bed.

She sets out to give herself a tropical getaway to relax and get her toes wet doing things she doesn’t normally do. Grabs her laptop and glasses, searches the web for ideas, and stumbles upon a Thailand Wild Singles Resort advertisement that catches her interest.

Click. The sound of the confirmation ticket being purchased.
Swoosh. The sound of the confirmation email sent to her inbox.
Swoosh. Another sound from her email sent to her boss, stating she’s claiming her time off.
"Ahhhh!". The sound of Heather starting to feel relaxed already.

Arriving to Thailand at her resort, she’s greeted excitedly and smiles, heather responds nervously and shy and they show to the resort’s amenities and her room. It was beautiful, right on the water with tropical trees and fruits all around.

She decides to participate in some fun in the sun activities the resort offers, and she wanted to try to become more social and meet someone to get close with.

Heather dressed in her hottest black dress and decided to meet a guy that she met in the lobby and have some fun! They really hit it off.

He got a whiff of her scent and his eyes rolled back and he leans in for another smell and noticed her soft supple skin glistening and he leans in to kiss her.

As his lips began to graze hers, their tongues touched at the tip and he felt it in his manhood. That was a great kiss, they thought together, but silently.

Heather touched her lips after exchanging saliva with Derek. The feeling she's got from that energetic kiss has left her breathless and horny.

He invited her to go back to his room to continue the vibe. Heather agrees with a huge smile.

In his room, things started getting steamy,

but her lack of sexual experience

caused an awkward moment…

“Oh Derek! I don’t know how?” Heather stated nervously. That immediately kills the mood for him. All Heather needed was someone who understood her and was willing to connect with her on that level. Embarrassed, she blames it on the drinks and excuses herself. 

She takes a walk clearing her mind. Realizing nothing would stop the wetness dripping down her inner thighs! She heads towards the secluded parts of the resort. It was very dark, but she could tell it was full of nature and beauty!

The moonlight lit the way... Heather found a cozy spot in the forest; she starts to touch the secretion coming from her wet pussy!

Licking her fingers after touching and tasting this unfamiliar and sweat creamy taste mmmm she keeps going.

Suddenly appearing out of the sky…

descends what Heather sees as an UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) and

like a ripple in the 4th dimension,

comes soaring out a

flying vehicle!

She was in a new place now.

She tries to see but it’s unusually bright.

Shivering to her bones, she is able to see a sign in the room, but she isn’t able to understand the hieroglyphs and she’s scared out of her mind trying to process her strange surroundings.

Realizing she’s bound to a cold metal table and is unable to move her limbs. Now she becomes aware she's completely nude. Her fear level rises.

She’s definitely not dreaming and something very strange is happening!

An alien abduction is occurring

it is real
she is ready
for whatever awaits her
dead or alive!

Abruptly, a loud voice comes from a speaker nearby.

“Hello woman H2385,” the voice was strong and powerful,

"we are called “The Grays” and we are located Intergalactic travelers from orange T planet 2-dimensional reality’s southwest in galaxy named Andromeda and its 2.5 million light years away from earth. We are studying the human body of a virgin woman today, and that is you.”

The voice exclaims, “What do you call yourself!” and waits.

Heather belts out her name very ghostly sounding, “Heeeatthhherrr.”

The big sound blared, “My name is TYi505, but you can just call me Ryan."

“Part of our mission today is to examine your sexual organs and your vibrations and frequencies that your body lets off. We stimulate the makings of your sex organs to the deepest levels no human can comprehend. We measure all body signals vividly and in depth. The goal of this experiment is to gauge the level of pleasure of a woman. Your job is to allow these workings to be completed at your mind and hearts approval. True pleasure feelings will be recorded via data and video/audio and much more too complex for human brain to process. The tools we use is our technology and it has no harmful effects and is a light pleasure stimulating device that ensures ultimate satisfaction every time. Do we have your permission?"

She understands she really doesn't have a choice. Being bounded and unable to escape,

she complies to the experiment.

“Yes,” and follows by asking.

“If I do this... will you gift me human virtues, the ones that are beneficial for finding partners successfully and gain power over men sexually. I don’t want to be awkward and socially unattractive anymore."

Ryan shudders under his breath and he agrees to exchange gifts to Heather after successfully completing the experiment.

Immediately after complying sudden bursts of energy and pleasure bubbles attach to her naked smooth and untouched virgin body.

Ryan looks at his colleague with surprise. They have never seen a human woman body react to the first pleasure stimulator so uncontrollably. Their machine maxed out the bar level showing energy pleasure, this was a rare and surprising find.

Tentacles open from the wall in front of her and her eyes watch these strange things attach to her nerves on all sensitive parts of her body.

This experience is similar to a jellyfish with a suction tentacle attaching itself on all sex organs releasing cells, sending pleasure signals to the brain to greatly enhance her satisfaction.

A powerful feeling of gratification controls all 5 senses at once. She goes cross eyed and drooling as hot cum begins dripping out of her in ecstasy! Heather moans loudly, it rattles the machines and they flash white. Ryan’s voice interrupts, “Wow that must have felt amazing human Heather. We will continue the experiment; you are doing great.”

Intense pulsating rushes onto and into her sensitive areas so fast she jerks her entire body and her hips push back into the metal table and her chest arches upward. She can’t control anything, so she stops resisting at all costs and begins to submit herself to receive this maximum passion and pleasure the aliens offered her.

Heather squeals, squirms and shakes NONSTOP.

Heather thinks to herself in amazement how she has never participated in any sexual activity and pleasures before. Nonetheless, she is confident she found her new favorite pastime.

She eases into a more relaxing position, spread out with her limbs strapped to the table. She takes a deep breath to promote full relaxation and trust in the experiment and allow them to take control over her.

Additional tentacles open from the floor and launch to tether her feet- all over & under her toes, soles, heels, and along the sides. More excitements attach to her clit, g-spot, and her tummy. She is ticklish and her feet keeps squirming, flexing and her spine sways side to side. She was enjoying the sensations on her feet so much; she giggles and screams "More! Hehehe." Her toes wiggle and her soles arch out and curl in.

She learns what it's like to be on both sides of sexual pleasure as giver and receiver.

Benefits continue to flow, feeling things she’s never felt before. Her eyes fade all white.

Out of body, uncontrollably, she's achieving peak orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. There is no thinking anymore, that is a thing of the past. Her body is speaking for her in many languages, her pussy is leaking so much creaming wet stuff. Squirting out of all orifices and her moaning turns into deep pleasure crying. “Aaahhh!” Screaming loudly. Her head turns from side to side and her pelvic area trembles to a steady pace faster than her heartbeat.

Sweating and begging for mercy, a large thick horse cock shaped object opened up from the ceiling plowing straight into her mouth. Down her throat, back in and out, in and out, in and out. The big horse cock plowed her mouth down her throat gagging her, drool is everywhere, and her eyes are watering as the dick fucks her throat fast and deeply.

The dick exits her mouth and goes back into the ceiling just as another object comes out of the wall. It’s shaped like a flower. She is looking merciful in her eyes; she knows this is also going to enter inside her and continue to sexually experiment on her. The flower petals surround her clit completely resulting in a way her pussy feels like it’s being eaten with a tongue that knows what it’s doing. The feeling of this was so good! Heather favorites this flower pussy eating device. Her orgasm was powerful to a point it left her mouth open in a shape of an O.

*moaning like crazy*

Heather wonders what she did to deserve this type of experience that makes her feel things that people only fantasize about.

The Grays watched closely as Heather achieve multiple triple orgasms back to back.

Heathers B cup breasts bounce, and her nipples are hard like perfect pearls. Suddenly a flying tongue device attaches to the tips of her nips and they get even harder. Impact starts pinching vibration pleasure on her beautiful body. This causes her body to jerk.

At the same time, a snake cock, even larger and thicker, slithered out of the corner of the wall. Confused and dazed she looks at it with surprised eyes and the snake moves right onto her inner thigh. It glides into her pussy slowly slithering and slimy. So much juice coming out of her, and snake cock plows into her hard and cum squirts all out the sides. Gasping! This snake pounds her pussy going hard giving her a good hard snake FUCK. Heather is really digging this snake.

"Uahhh uhhh mmm oooooo omg aaaaaaaaaaa"
- those are the sounds.

Finally, she gets pounded by a stimulator alien created to fuck and feel skin to skin with emotional balance and ULTIMATE g-spot pleasure. This is high technology material unknown to human but oh so satisfying. Maximum pleasure is turned up in the control room while achieving sexual climax, squirting and screaming with pleasure!

She has cummed over 107 times within the hour.

Ryan sees his machines are overloaded due to her high energy data input. He checks the frequency levels. Her sexual wavelength measurements are maxed out on all his servers and connectors. He feels Heather has excelled the entire experiment. Feeling satisfied on this special human woman.

“Heather!” Ryan exclaimed and startles her. She was in a world of her own sex fantasies ultimate satisfactions. “Heather, you have successfully completed this experiment and I am pleased to share that you have data entry resulting in numbers we haven’t seen in a human woman ever before! This is profound and will enhance our knowledge on the sex organs of human woman, thank you! You are considered to be the best woman on planet earth, congratulations” Heather was thrilled attempting to catch her breath.

Heathers became unbounded from the experiment table and she was able to move her arms again. In a blink of an eye, she suddenly was cleaned and dressed in a brand-new red beautiful gown and sparkly heels. Ryan looks her straight in the eyes, places his hand on her forehead, and sends energy and heather was gifted specialized knowledge in above average social skills. Heather would no longer struggle being so awkward and will be able to engage with men and women successfully getting what she wants.

Next thing she knows, she’s back in the same spot with her two fingers deep in her pussy touching her slimy cum. Pulls her fingers out and puts them in her mouth. Heather thinks out loud, “What the actual fuck just happened to me!?!?”

All she was left with was the memories of the best orgasm and ultimate pleasure any man or woman has ever experienced since the start of the Universe. "Thanks Ryan!"

Alas, the world continues on... Never having an idea, the full pleasure experience capable to the human existence. It lives in the mind of one special lady. Heather lives her life as the happiest woman since that night, at the Thailand Wild Single Resort, where an ALIEN ABDUCTION occurred.

Written by,

Kelli Kelly


P.S. If you were wondering about Heathers success in relationships, Ryan's gifts worked and she's living a life filled with orgasms with men and women successfully. She fucks as much as her pussy desires. Becoming VERY popular with the girls and sharing the gifts with them that she learned for ultimate pussy pleasure achievement. | copyright © | 2020-2025