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  • Kellli Kellly

Ancient Rome Experience

In ancient Rome today, a very sexy man is welcomed home as a hero after defeating the enemy and escaping capture. A Grand festival is made in his honor…. I mean… this man is a true hero and ladies all around are swooning for him.

Trades with the east and northern parts of Africa has brought many mysterious wonders..

Silks of many colors so beautiful and rich, spices like coriander and fennel, and even different beautiful languages,

and exotic women like ME… we flood the houses of royals.

The Festival is filling up with everyone coming to celebrate.. its getting crowded and people are so excited.

Part of his winning victory…

This handsome man is given a choice of female warriors…

i am getting dressed, I will wear Lace and in colors like red and white to impress the Hero.

… I want a chance… to feel his power.

I am a true goddess that enjoys the pleasures of life.

I am confident I can award him with the greatest. I really hope he picks me.

As i walk out to go meet my warrior goddesses… I notice how beautiful The architecture of the town is magnificently built into the hillside, the scent of fresh flowers fills the air. The aroma is heavenly.

I’m thinking I want to bear my Son here on this Land one day… its my dream.

The area we are walking is heavily guarded as to be expected… We are precious.

My warrior sisters meet me near the town garden.

I think all the girls look so beautiful…

Although, I Feel I am the most Beautiful out of them all.

I can’t stop smiling.

As we walk, everyone around me stops to gaze at me admiring my Beauty.

Tonight is the Night for me!

We walk through the town square together hearing the usual comments….

" Her mighty curves are full as sharp as her sword”

"I wish to have her pin me to my bed till all of my seed is extinguished “

" wed me and I shall spoil your feet, thighs , and bosom like the goddess you are”

They all look me directly in the eyes drooling for me.

We walk to the festival excited for what awaits us.

Enjoying our night the music is lively, and we continue dancing, laughing and drinking..

The moment we have been waiting for…


It is time Hero man to choose and everyone quietly waits for his decision.

i stand amongst other beautiful women we all stand in a large circle..

its like all eyes on me..

Hero man slowly walks behind the red head woman next to me, and then i can feel him now behind me…

I feel he is close to the back of my neck.. then I hear him inhale through his nose.

Hero Man likes my scent.. he walks past me… and then quickly turns around and faces me.

Eye to eye, already we are making a deep connection. I can smell his manly scent. It lures me in more.

He choose me!

The Crowd celebrates and the night life of the festival and everything starts to begin.

I am his choice! Yes!

I realize that tonight, I am going to make passionate love…. As i begin to ravage him,

he stops me in my track and he reveals the reasoning in his choice.

He told me he was attracted to my blonde glowing hair,

i sighed…. ahhh,

he continues on… “ your thick thighs and sexual curves. You have amazing flexibility, poise and nimble thick feet he tells me… so sensual so strong so much confidence.”

Hearing The Hero Man tell me that, I got aroused and was ready to experience him inside me.

He leads me in his corridor, down the hallway he takes me into a dark corner with a beautiful Large Marbled Bath decorated with rose petals and oils and steaming hot water.

We Faced each other as we undressed. Everything falls to the ground… I see he is very dirty from battle.

Hero Man is complete naked with me..

All of a sudden, he’s on the ground where I am standing… He kneels down right to my feet… and sniffs so strong, he looks up at me from down below.. I can’t help but feel things. Lifting my Foot he puts his nose in-between my toes.

I enjoy your Scent Goddess. Your true Scent.

I gasp.. “I need to wash my feet!”

“NO!” He grunted… Let me get one more smell.

“MMmm “ hero man moans.

He stood up and looked me into my eyes.

He told me “Get inside the tub first” I obeyed.

He sat near me and yelled out “Carolina!!” And a woman ran inside… She was Holding buckets with steaming water and rags…

She cleaned him.

Im sitting in the bath watching his naked dirty body become clean… for me.

Making eye contact, Hero man gives off a smirk, and asks me “Do you enjoy what you see, Goddess?”

I giggle. This Hero is making me blush.

Carolina handed him a Towel, and she rushed out of the room…

He slowly stood up.

WOW this man is so tall and strong and Beast like.

I can’t help but gaze toward his package, I see it rise…

He steps inside the Hot Bath I am sitting in…. And He sits down completely relaxed and my body settles on his thighs.

We both wash each other, as he caresses my body, my skin so soft and golden, presses his lips firm on my neck and smells me…

He enjoys my musk I can tell, he looks at me so dangerously once he processes the exact scent.

He grabs an oil, I don’t know what of… but he drops some on his chest.

“Rub it in!” He demands!

I straddle him and use my glistening hands to massage him…

His strong hands grab my waist and he brings me even closer… and kisses deeply with passion.

Groping each other…

He works his mouth down under the water to my clit.

Under the water, holding his breath… He puts his lips perfectly around the lips of my pussy. Pleasure…

My flower is getting licked so good.

Coming up for water to breath…

I take his hands.. lead him up toward me..and I begin to guide him into my mouth..

Sucking under the water, I can hear the echo under the water of his moaning…

Coming up to breath, I get some air and go back down. He Fires off his first Load into my mouth.. underwater…

Explosion underwater is so intense…

I love pleasuring this man.

My loin is tingling… and he takes me at the waters edge… spread eagle, he pushes my legs out and He is impressed by my extreme flexibility as I enjoy the depth at which this hero mans sword pounds me

After a while of pounding me so roughly, moaning and splashing, we see that a great deal of the water is gone and soaked the floor.

I take hero man… guide him to the bed chamber to reward him by showcasing your tricks. “Im going to give him the best pleasure he’s ever received” I thought to myself.. feeling very frisky and playful.

Once in the chamber… we are touching body to body..

He leans out..

“Bring me my special oil and Herbs and pipe Carolina!”

She rushes in and out with a cigar box filled with a strong aroma…

Hero man grabs the oil and some herb pipe and told me “foreign herbs” and winked at me.

I smoked what he smoked while hero man rubbed my soft soles. Wow I Feel so good and relaxed and into his energy.

He finishes his drink, hero man oils up my body glistining toward the candlelight I’m glowing!

Placing his huge meat in my hands… Pleasure begins again.. I take both my feet, and I rub on his cock, he is trembling, taking my toe into his warm mouth. He sucks and worships me.. Feels so good.

I place my foot onto the base of his cock, and I edge him to near completion. Quickly, I stop and tell him not to orgasm. I get into a squatting cowgirl position on his throbbing cock. This goes on for what seems like hours… Up and down smashing my ass onto his hard throbbing cock… He yells out "bear my child and they shall be this kingdom's future glory” I know thats just the pleasure talking… but I ride till he has no strength to hold on anymore.

“AHHH” Hero man moans “Im coming inside” He lets my pussy milk his cock… I can feel it fill me up. We cumed together.

He lays dazed and I cuddle with him as he paws at my supple tummy and thick supple thighs.

Hero man Fell asleep in my arms.

Written by, kellli kellly in collaboration with Lueben Davis | copyright © | 2018-2019


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