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  • Kellli Kellly

Unexplained Cravings

I Dream Of BBC.

It feels stretched, slightly difficult to handle



the pleasure whats making it so enjoyable.

Breathing has become a thing of the past.

Into a new dimension now.

im floating and getting pounded.

but all i see is stars and its magic.

He pulls it out and he puts it into my mouth

deep throating and then after 44 seconds he shoves it into my tight hole again and now I cant breath but I am reborn.

Im crying in pleasure!!

His HUGE Big Black Cock was treating me as Goddess as such.

My kitty pussy is purring for BBC.

Eye contact. Rocking back and fourth together, sweat on our foreheads, mist on our bellies. Tingling my tight hole.

Then I loose it.

In a new position now, and he’s hitting me from the back, pulling my hair and he’s grabbing my fat ass in the palm of his hand so strong like he is proud of the pile he just picked up, his hips ramming into my hole.

Its getting beat up.

i can’t help but scream over and over I’m not sure what is going on. I can’t handle

… except I can feel the lips of my pussy...

suck his cock after he gives my pussy a hard pounding.

My pussy is drinking the cum out of his dick, Mmm throbbing and gliding.

I can’t handle how hard and fast plus the length + girth

all this math is confusing.

he grabs my big beautiful body, and picks me up and turns me on my back, like a big strong monster just took me and slammed me down to beat my kitty. His blackness in his cock is coming out in his energy. strong sexual BBC taking me.

Eyes shaking back and fourth and my body is frozen in paralysis but he keeps fucking me.

Im drooling and i feel sorta pathetic.

His BBC hits my kitty pussy like Koolaid on a hot summer day.

Thirsty for more.

I can’t move, i can only moan and scream out pleasure plus pain is hypnotizing my body.

DAZED. Crosseyed.

JUICES dripping down my butt and all over the Red satin sheets. I’m in candyland.

Im drinking it and soaking it all up.

LITERALLY nothing matters in the moments of pleasure from this experience.

Except for enjoying the feeling.

I look into his eyes helplessly, hoping for some sort of surrender.

he just rams me even harder.


im not sure what from,

oh he made me squirt! i can’t even believe I squirted. OMG this is so amazing.

Hes pumping like a work out on me.


its like something..

I’ve never felt before.

True story

Written by, kellli kellly | copyright © | 2018-2019


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