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  • Kellli Kellly

CupCake Sybian

I’m sitting in my office doing some work and then suddenly I started to smell something sweet. I didn’t want to be working at the moment anyway and I just needed to find out what is cooking that smells so indulging!

I walked into the room I smelt the sweet aroma from fresh cupcakes baking… Vanilla... yep! VANILLA with 🍓 strawberry... that’s exactly what I smell. There is a bunch of beautiful couple of cupcakes on my table. I walk over to them and then strangely... I see my stool with my Sybian on it I’m a little confused because I know I put it away...

I noticed my Sybian has some white residue on it.... I get it closer and smell it... That’s definitely frosting!! I put my finger on it and taste it... mm so good!

I look over at the fresh baked cupcakes and they’re decorated so cute sprinkles and yummy frosting so I grabbed one!

I work from home... thankfully I just took off my red silky robe, and I’m bare now with my cupcake in my hand and a smile on my face!

I decided to just get on my Sybian.... turned it on a low-speed... My Sybian has a flat surface at the top and that’s how I like it. Rocking my hips.... vibrating my clit!

I am having my cupcake and my cupcake beat... at the same time. The explosion of flavor from that first initial taste mmm so good! And the Sybian.... I turn up the speed a bit more!! Eyes roll back into head!

My taste buds are happy.... plus the intense dripping juices from my pussy yeah... it’s making the best combination for my day and now dopamine is filling my brain with pleasure!

As I’m riding my Sybian on my nice steady speed...... My wetness is the flinging all over the place... oh yeah baby this is way better than working!!!!! Another bite, and I dropped some crumbs of my tasty cupcake on my Sybian but I don’t even care.... I can’t stop the pleasure now.

I start to get into it ... almost finish with my cupcake and my pussy is right about to climax... feels so good!

I pressed my hips forward and a push my hips back gently rocking back-and-forth....

I arch my back with the last bite and the juices are flowing, body is shaking!

The Sybian is so slippery and that’s because I’m Squirting on it!!!!

I just keep thinking to myself oh my god, this is so good!

I stand up off my Sybian and my pussy is tingling still.... I take my finger and slide it on the wetness of my Sybian where I dropped the cupcake crumbs and lick it! Mm both combination of cupcake and my pussy is yummy!

Now I’m going to call my foot boys to come worship me and rub my feet! Good foot boys! xoxo MUAH

Written by, Kellli Kellly

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