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A Sweet Sweet Sound

TRY TO IMAGINE I’m talking directly to you so it feels so natural.

When I wrote this I just came straight from the heart and depths of my soul, I took it where I have wish and dream it was real... I just went with it.

Let it be a sweet sweet sound

The energy of the day is happy and peacefully relaxed. The energy of you is so warm and it’s inviting me in. We have been planning a session for a while...

I am able to open up but I feel vulnerable yet so safe at the same time and strangely it’s how I want to feel because it’s what I’ve been missing. You surprisingly have been missing it also and when you meet me you began to fully relax and engage.

You are captivating me and I just choose to fully relax and let the energy flow the way it wants to. It’s better this way because we are on the same vibe and connecting on such a deeper level.

We make great eye contact and are confident in each other. Such a pleasant surprise because we have been searching for a feeling like this and we feel relieved.

As if we have been searching our entire life.

To just simply stumble on a soul so rare we automatically connect and it’s a feeling I’ve never felt, but it feels so right for the both and we just choose to enjoy it. Mutually into one another with nothing else but our body’s aside each other and no distractions. We are inside a cozy atmosphere, comfortable and safe. Truly a breath of fresh air.

You offer to massage my golden sun kissed firm so soft and visually beautiful from my toes to my head. I was so down for this! I told you yesssssss and next thing I pull down my dress, lay down and take a deep breath, I’m relaxed. And you’re so ready as ever.

I can feel your fingertips gently gaze my skin and I can feel the heat off your eyes checking out each curve and your heart races and you tremble as your warm hands press against my back, we both feel so good right now. Ahhh your hands.

You are pressing into my body and rubbing me and making me feel better I’m in heaven like a sweet puppy. I’m thinking inside my head how can this be. You’re thinking the same and you finally feel something. You’re concentrated on my body, and trying to remember the best areas to rub and while you’re listening to my moans and soft noises.

My soft body so beautiful and so perfect in its own way, is suddenly awoken from my safe comfortable massage by your bulge....

You’re distracted on my assets... your sweating and trembling. Feeling so hot. I don’t even mind... I’m so into you.

I’m trying my best not to arch my back and feel “your bulge” pressed hard against my bum... and I can feel it get really wet, tingly and just pulsating... I’m realizing I’m so turned on. I’m wanting to try to keep full composure and I can feel that the heat... it is here.

.... To be continued.....


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