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Diary post #2

Oh dear diary, it’s been along time since I wrote you. I’ve had many fantasies I need to talk about this one specifically.  

The last time I went and got my nails done from ben, something a little strange happened to me. As he was rubbing me like he does for two hours straight right into my muscles and my calves and my feet. Into every crevice of my leg.... well the bottom part of them. I was getting very turned on I was getting wet and I was confused diary...?!?! Really this isn’t supposed to happen.... It’s not every day this happens especially right in the nail salon where there’s about 40 women and they’re all getting their nails done laughing smiling with the girls next to them and I am just sitting there wondering if this is normal as my wet pussy drips down my thighs. I was trying to control myself... I was trying to look at the situation and give myself excuses as to why I was so turned on! 

I really just sat there and I started tapping on Ben’s shoulder and I told him can you please turn on the massage thingy on the chair. He looked up at me with those sweet little Asian eyes shut and he push the right buttons to turn it on! I said to myself, “you know what fuck it I’m gonna enjoy 😉 “ so I sat there and I really enjoyed myself... I closed my eyes and I just let it tingle. I had to just handle it... goddess you got this xoxox I kept telling myself, I do love this goddess life 💋😍 It’s been a couple days since my pedicure and seriously can’t get this situation out of my mind. I mean I’m thinkin are there any other women out there who are getting so turned on by their literal pedicure?! Oh diary, you can only imagine how good it felt. He really put his fingers deep into my tissue and he pushed on my muscles and my head rolled back with my eyes turning white as they go back into my mind. He just uses his schooling in his technique and his acupuncture pushing into my sweet sultry skin. He went up and he went down and he went out and he never really made eye contact.. I mean diary I’m literally sitting there asking for him to look me in the eyes, I mean I didn’t really ask him but my mind was trying to ask his mind.... I mean I wanted to see his little eyes look at me while he did this to me. But he never did. He just kept pushing his strong hands into my curvy toned sunkissed legs. Diary.... my panties were drenched xxx I mean yeah I did have to play with myself when I got home. Isn’t that nuts !! All because of an amazing pedicure! 💋 Thank you diary for listening x, I’ll be back Love 

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