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True Story

I was not always the beautiful and happy girl you may see now, I used to be angry and hateful when I was younger and my energy reflected through making me come off unapproachable and less desirable. I had to deeply learn how to forgive people and how to understand the world when it was dealt to me very differently. I struggled my entire life, growing up as a ward of the state, with no mom or dad, I was placed with grandparents and friends and some family for short periods of time throughout my childhood, and that is better than what my life could of been like if I was never taken from my mom. I am very thankful for all of my struggles and difficult/ traumatic events in my life because it shaped me for who I am. 
I have a wild life story and I plan to share it, the good bad and ugly, transforming my suffrage into something that many can benefit from leaving a inspirational lasting impression.
For those who have been through deep waves and tossed around... I can teach how to overcome battles with-in yourself, to truly love yourself, accomplish your dreams no matter the circumstance.
I can teach deep wisdom based off life experience alone that I’ve gained in a short amount of time but more than most achieve in their lifetime. Graduating High school in 2009, immediately I was faced with much more suffering and many more battles to overcome. Lack of support system and a family, I gained life experience though a variety of struggles ranging from homeless, hungry, defeated, lost and many many more.
I have learned that when your suffering and its constant, you can't dream. Its such a dark place and I know many out there can say they relate some way or form. You are not alone. 

I became certified as a Meditation Instructor in 2013 after finding this amazing spiritual academy for spiritual arts, and have been practicing ever since. 
Meditation, books, education, hiking and God have helped me a lot and continue to daily!
I am real, I am funny, Sexual and Sensitive.
I am me. Kellli Kellly
Being well researched on many subjects, I know that knowledge is only potential power, I also possess specialized knowledge organized and intelligently directed through practical plans of actions.  That results in definite success!


Ive always wanted to be a model... but was told I'm not the type.

I created an Instagram foot page around 2012 because my feet themselves are masterpieces and thefreakiam founded me, of course I had no clue what I was doing, but knew I wanted this... I realized no photographers were really noticing me and I didn't know anyone who would just help me for free because I am not well off financially and I have been struggling since I can remember.. So one day, I decided to save up and buy a camera, it wasn't the best at all but it was somethingThen I set out to take my own photos. I started getting better and better. Then photographers were inquiring to meet with me!  I realized after IG deleting my first account and Youtube deleting my amazing channel ... that this was something I needed to fix. I set out to build my own website to gain my own followers. I love to write, I set out to create erotica blogs, and on and on with all I do and create.

Thats the gist of my story....


when you have goals or are passionate about anything.. you go out and get it! Don't wait for an opportunity, create one! - Kellli Kellly


I will write a best selling book professionally published and this book will take me years to perfect because it will be a story about my life and experiences and unique circumstances I’ve endured, while captivating the reader leaving them for more. I will offer a different perspective and inspire the masses with my words and story specially and carefully executed. I will take time making this perfectly written to achieve my exact plan and successfully go on to inspire and motivate people all around the world. I will then become a well known Motivational Speaker. The world needs some real motivation and truth and I  have longed and aspired for this for more than 13 years since I was in High School. I work hard for my goals. I desire this deeply and I’m persistent and have much faith. I appreciate you joining me on my journey and taking the time to hear my story.